Heaven's Shield is a continent that mixes forests, technology and old values.


Heaven's Shield is the continent located in the western area. It houses the biggest forested area of the planet, in Rimeforest. It also houses the advent of technology in general, the country of Bany, critical and crucial for the expansion of the known technology.

The temperature hovers about 10C in the coldest areas and up to 40C in warmer areas, with lots of torrential rain.


Heaven's Shield has pro-future culture, turned to the preservation of the planet as well making it hospitable and usable to the other races inside of it. It's hard to find people not benefited from their actions, and their culture reflect that mentality, albeit a bit negatively.

The food is grown and/or created in special farms, that don't hurt the environment.

In comparison to Earth’s cultures, Heaven's Shield would be mix a bit of Latin American countries, some south Asian ones and New Zealand.


Heaven's Shield follows the structure determined by the Queen. However in recent times, the population requested formally to be able to choose their representative, as some of them were involved in huge scandals of white collar crimes and sex offenses.


The Aegislane Military Response Unit (AMRU) is present in all countries and Heaven's Shield is no different. However the citizens in this continent are a lot more pacific, giving the military an easy time. Each country possesses their own regular police force. Highwind however has a direct border with Rimtown, thus the AMRU is lot more present in the area, to contain the region.

List of Countries


Bany is the seat of the technological advancements in the whole world. The first discoveries made by scientists were made there. The country is bright and peaceful unlike many others, due to the work made by the older governments.


Highwind can only be described nowadays as 'the country that has borders with Rimtown'. The bad stigma removed the shine that Highwind had, since the country possesses old palaces from former kingdoms.


Rimeforest is essentially the lungs of the planet, housing the biggest native rainforest. Cities inside of it are far and few. Many of the Caelus tribes live peacefully in there.


The closest country to Sacramento, Dewmere is a mix of old values and tech advancements, resulting into a weird mix of old buildings with luxurious rooms inside of them.


Named after Chris Magedale, the Last Liberator, Magedale is an incredibly traditional country at the south of Heaven's Shield. They rely on libraries and old books for information, for example. Technology there didn't manage to penetrate as quickly as the other areas, and as such, one may lose connection signals once inside.